Is Uncertainty Blocking You From Living the Life You Were Meant to Live?

If anyone has stared down the demons of uncertainty before, it’s me.  I spent years feeling trapped in a mediocre life because I refused to take a risk and face my fears of uncertainty.  Sure I had my health and a well paying job, but there was something very significant that was missing.

I was working 50 hours a week doing work I didn’t love – I had very little control over my life. I spent hours everyday in front of a computer building someone else’s business.  I couldn’t even go get my oil changed during the week if I needed to. I was at the mercy of my vacation time, and my mood was largely dependent on how my boss was feeling that day.

For months my subconscious had been telling me I didn’t want to be a slave to societal norms anymore.

So in preparation to start living my dream life I eliminated all of my debt, sold off (almost) all of my crap, and connected with hundreds of people all over the world via the power of my blog.

Then beginning last October, in the span of three months I quit my job, started an online business, and moved to Thailand.

Is this something you’ve ever considered doing?  Have you ever wanted to feel the exhilaration of being an entrepreneur?  Perhaps you’re livelong dream has been to backpack through Central America?  Or maybe you’ve been longing for the day that you could work from a laptop in the French Riviera?

Well today is your lucky day, today is the day you are going to conquer your fear of uncertainty.

That’s right, anyone can do any of those things mentioned above. Anyone. They just have to be willing to face their fears of the unknown and be prepared take their life into their own hands.

This program will give you all the tools necessary to do just that.

Are you constantly feeling like you aren’t in control? Do you feel like you’re a slave to your boss and job? Perhaps you and your spouse have always wanted to do something adventurous together, but don’t have the courage to do so?  Maybe you just want to find a new career, but are too afraid of the interim after you quit your job.

The mission of this program is to arm you with the mental fortitude and tactical know-how necessary to escape the paralyzing grip of uncertainty and help you navigate your way to the life you really want to be living.

So what specifically can you gain from Overcoming this Uncertainty?

  • You will live a more adventurous life without making excuses for why you can’t
  • Begin to the do the work you really want, rather than just working for a paycheck
  • Develop confidence in your life path.  Arguably the most valuable asset you can have.
  • Give yourself the ability to travel anywhere in the world, anytime you want.
  • Eliminate the financial worry that comes along with being unconventional.

Once you’ve overcome that uncertainty, you’ll have nothing to fear anymore.  Once you’ve embraced uncertainty and look at it as a positive rather than a negative, you’ll have achieved the mindset necessary to pursue all of the things you really want to be doing.

I’m writing this on a plane from New York City back to my home of Portland, Oregon.  A year ago, do you know what I would have been doing?  I would have been asleep preparing for another day at the office, waiting for a weekend that couldn’t come soon enough.

Now I work from anywhere I want. On the beach, in the mountains, or even on an airplane 37,000 feet up.

Since leaving my job I’ve been scuba diving in some of the most beautiful water on earth.  I’ve been rock climbing at some of the world’s finest climbing destinations.  I’ve lived the high life at some of the fanciest bars in New York. I’ve spent more time with my friends and family than I ever could before. The word vacation has no meaning to me now, because I feel like my whole life is a vacation.  I can go anywhere, anytime I please.  Work no longer feels like work because I love what I do.

There’s absolutely no reason this can’t be you – if you want it to be.

The beauty of overcoming the fear of uncertainty is that it allows you to live whatever life you want! Maybe you just want to spend more time with your family?  Be there whenever your kids or spouse need you.  You may just want more time to focus on doing the stuff you really love such as golf, writing or playing music.

When you embrace that fear, you’re giving yourself a freedom that the vast majority of people never achieve in their lives.

So now that you know what’s possible, what is the goal of Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty, and how is it going to change your life?

After working through this program you will have the confidence to say “enough!” with low expectations and seize the opportunity that is right in front of you to do something great.

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Here is a brief rundown of how we are going to do this, and what you’ll find in this program:

Become Fearless with the Powerhouse Guide to Overcoming Uncertainty

  • 15,000 word guide detailing exactly how to overcome your fears and take control of your life
  • We break each of your fears into much smaller, actionable items, to facilitate change and keep you from becoming overwhelmed.
  • Gives you the tools necessary to craft a remote work agreement, take advantage of geo-arbitrage, get your financial life in order, quit your job to start a business or find a career you really love, facilitate these changes through the power of a blog, and anything else that your uncertainties are keeping your from achieving.

Two No-BS Guides Detailing Exactly How I Got to Where I Am – And How You Can Too

  • Using to Change Your Life. With big life changes comes big budgetary changes as well.  This 7,000 word guide details how to use the FREE tools to not only create a workable budget, but to enable the life you really want to be living.
  • Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog. Starting a blog is the best thing you can do to facilitate change in your life, and give you the confidence to overcome your uncertainty.  While there are a lot of guides about how to start a blog out there, none of them do so while focusing on facilitating life change.  This guide will help you to start a new blog if you don’t already have one, and if you do, there advanced tactics for taking your site to the next level.

Five Jaw Dropping Interviews with Some of the World’s Best Freedom Hackers

  • “Facing Uncertainty” with best-selling author of “The Art of Non-Conformity” Chris Guillebeau
  • “Building a Personal Empire” with author of “Escape From Cubicle Nation” Pam Slim
  • “Geo-Arbitrage in Bangkok” with digital nomad Cody Mckibben
  • “Overcome Uncertainty with a Family” with entrepreneur and blogger Adam Baker
  • “Crafting the Perfect Remote Work Agreement” with outsourcing expert Dan Andrews
  • More incredible interviews on the way!

Ridiculous Resources Section

  • Detailed worksheets to help you map out all of your uncertainties and provide you a roadmap to kick them to the curb
  • Weekly, Quarterly and Annual review sheets to ensure you continue to track your progress and don’t have any excuses not to be building your new lifestyle
  • Remote Work Agreement Template that will enable you to take your work wherever you like, while benefiting both you AND your employer. Also see the actual agreement I submitted to my employer before leaving
  • Questions and answers for every section of the program.  If anything isn’t clear or you want more information on any particular topic, just add a quick comment, and get a quick response!

FREE Lifetime Updates You Can’t Afford NOT to Have

As part of the first round of members, it doesn’t matter how much new content is added to the site, you’ll never have to pay a cent more.  You can expect the following in the months to come:

  • More interviews! Monthly interviews with others who have conquered their uncertainty will keep you motivated to do the same with your life
  • More Resources! Enhanced worksheets, pdf/epub downloads, and interview transcriptions will ensure that there’s always a reason to come back!
  • More Content! As I continue to live the life of my dreams, I’ll constantly be finding new ways to achieve goals and live an awesome life.  You can bet there will be regular additions to the content base at Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty.

So by now you are probably wondering how much this is going to cost you?

For complete access to everything on the site and FREE updates for life you only have to pay a one-time fee of $47.

This isn’t like other membership sites where you get billed 47 bucks on a monthly basis.  No you get access to everything for $47 and as an early adopter, will never have to pay a penny more.

This also isn’t like other static ebooks, where you may get one minor revision over the life of the product – if you’re lucky.  No this program is ever evolving and with the comments section and future updates, you have the potential to learn something new every time you login.

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Here’s What Others Had To Say

“If you’re looking to take life by the reins, but you’re not sure how to get started, Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty is the program for you. Between rock star interviews and clear, tactical worksheets, Sean Ogle has put a lot of time into helping you get organized and on track to live the kind of life you deserve–one on your own terms. The guide is worth the investment on its own!” Alan Perlman – The 9 to 5 Alternative

“Overcoming The Fear Of Uncertainty is an extremely comprehensive resource that WILL change lives. This is something that I wish I had a couple of years ago when I started thinking of pursuing an unconventional lifestyle. As someone who has closely followed Sean’s journey from a tie-wearing corporate prisoner to entrepreneur and world traveler, I can say that he’s the real deal. He is a true success story, and this guide can help you become one as well.” – Nate Damm, The Way That You Wander.

I’ve spent a few hours checking out this program and still can’t believe how much stuff he’s got in there! It’s seemingly endless. In addition to page after page that deal with topics like fear, preparing for [and implementing] change, money concerns, videos, a load of recommended resources and answering nearly every imaginable “what-if,” the website also includes a nine chapter guide to the life-changing potential of using and an eleven chapter guide to starting your own blog!  - Mark Powers, Powers Percussion

“I’ve struggled with the fear of uncertainty for most of my adult life. Making decisions without knowing what might happen can be scary.  Sean has inspired me to really think beyond my fears and discover that there really wasn’t much to them.  Thanks to Sean and the “Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty” program my family and I are embarking on a 1 year sabbatical adventure to Indonesia!

What Sean has put together with his “Overcoming the Fear of Uncertainty” program is an incredible guide to breaking free of these fears that tend to hold us back.  I’ve gone through this course and can say that if you have an analytical mind like I do this course will rock your world.  Sean breaks down fear in steps and then helps you to take action. He gives you all the tools you need to take your life back from the grip of fear.  This course won’t make decisions for you but what it will do is give you the tools to think clearly about your fears and make rational decisions for yourself.”Matt Koenig, 1 Year Sabbatical

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you give this program a shot and think it sucks I don’t want you to have to pay for it!  Hold onto it for at least 30 days, embrace the concepts, fill out the worksheets, listen to the interviews, and if it still doesn’t work for you, contact us for a free, immediate refund – no questions asked.

There you go, you have nothing to lose, but think about all that you can gain.  Think about the one or two things you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t had the courage.  Visualize the improvements you could make to your lifestyle if you could just get over your fear of uncertainty.

This is your opportunity to make that change, and create that lifestyle.  If you don’t do it now and take advantage of this opportunity, when will you do it?  Next month? Next year? Ever?

Changing my lifestyle to fit my life goals is the best thing I’ve ever done.  Make it the best thing you’ve ever done as well.  This is your chance.

“There are only seven days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them”

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